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blessing xiii

SEKTARISM - Le Son Des Stigmates

Cassette version of the first full-length offering of Sektarism's Assembly. About 45 minutes of Holy Ritual Doom. Total transcendence in the name of the Lord. Hosanna Sathana! Hosanna Sathana! Hosanna Sathana!

Pro manufactured tape with pro printed booklet.

Sample: necrocosm soundcloud


166 руб / 4 EURO

Words ov Nonexistence - the fifth word


The fifth plague from the beyond. Spacious inter- rogations with such bringers of blackness as BESTIAL RAIDS, MANDIBULA, TORMENTED WHORES OF DA'ATH rec., GROTESQUE COMMUNION, NEFTA- RAKA, SEKTARISM and NOMOS DEI prod.

Totally d.i.y. underground zine, raw printing, old-fashioned layout, compact A5 format, 34 pages, small font size, in english. Many-sided questions, experienced attitude and total devotion. Black scriptures of doom from under the ground!

120 руб / 3 EURO


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(Interviews with Death Ritual (tur), Disjecta Membrae (fra), Innsmouth (aus), Ithdabquth Qliphoth (krywia), Kaosritual (nor), Lord Of Doubts (rus), Mors Aeterna (fra), Pek (bel), Pure Evil (fin), Vasaeleth (usa), Verge (fin) + few translated&adapted interviews from first two issues of Words ov Nonexistence zine + Shades ov Summer fest brief report)